CMS Websites for Business

CMS Websites are Content Managed Systems

CMS websites have a separate administration area where you can upload your content. Therefore CMS websites are self managed.

The WordPress websites provide an admin area where you can add, subtract and upload content. You can also install plugins to provide for contact forms, booking forms, image galleries and SEO (search engine optimisation)

WordPress websites are full self maintained websites.

In conclusion CMS sites are ideally suited for a business online presence.

WordPress sites for  business allow you complete control. In addition to add your own content then WordPress is also responsive.

WordPress sites are easy to use. If you can use Word document then you can use this this website. In conclusion managing your business website is simple with WordPress powerful platform. Get started in minutes and make changes to your site easily.


Website Design and Web Development:

Website design for business success.

Having an online presence is necessary for your business. Not only should your business have a website but it must also be optimised for search engines. This is known as SEO.

Having the correct type of website is also important for your business. It’s important that you have the ability to upload your own contact when and where you wish. This is why a CMS website is ideal for your business.

CMS stands for Content Managed System.

Also your business web design should be Responsive. WordPress websites that AWS-Affordable Website Solutions install are Responsive.

Web Design and Website Development for your Business, Organisation orClub‘s Online Presence


Responsive Websites  WordPress SPECIAL OFFER!

Responsive websites special offer price:

Because we like to give the sole trader or small business the best. Therefore we have a special offer.

Price Offer is: 250 Euro

Most noteworthy this offer includes:

  • Free, one year website hosting.
  • Install WordPress theme.
  • Update WordPress version when necessary
  • Plugins installed
  • Update Plugins
  • Upload initial content.
  • Responsive website design

Furthermore your website will be Responsive. Seems like your business would benefit as a result.

Finally this offer will last for month April 2018. Offer is now open and will close at 12.00 Midnight on 30th April 2018




WordPress Websites CMS

WordPress websites portfolio listing. In addition to this website then the following websites are built on the “WordPress” platform

  • all
  • Wordpress

Other CMS (Non WordPress)

NB: The Historical website, built by AWS is a full custom built CMS or Content Managed Website. It has a full admin area where all of the website is self administered with owners content.

  • all
  • Other

Online Shop is a full CMS  built on “Oscommerce” platfrom

Powerlifting website is a full CMS website built on “Big Tree” platform

Hybrid CMS ( Part content managed )

Custom designed websites where some pages of website are self managed. Selected pages have an admin area to upload content to page. These websites have the ability to upload content while other pages are static without ability to manage.

  • all
  • Hybrid



AWS Affordable Web Solutions Contact Form

AWS affordable web company can be contacted by filling out the below contact form.

Furthermore AWS  will install your CMS website.  AWS use the WordPress platform.

Also AWS-Affordable Website Solutions upload your content.   Most noteworthy content such as text and images.

In addition we optimise your website for search engines.

In conclusion SEO is crucial in being found in search engines. As a result your website will be found in Google