Website Design Prices:

Website design price for WordPress platform website installation starts from 589 Euro. This is the normal price but special offers are also given.

We also have a Rental scheme with very low and affordable costs.

In addition to above price you will get one years free website hosting. Website hosting is with Irish Business Websites and the hosting is database capable.

In addition WordPress websites are database driven.  As a result you can upload content in the admin area.

Especially relevant the admin area is secured with a password. The password can be set and changed also in admin area.

Also WordPress websites are Responsive.

Consequently Responsive means that website will respond to the screen size of viewers device. As a result this makes your business website fill the screen. Whether the screen is on a Desktops or laptop and mobile device.

Most noteworthy special price offer deal are available. Please check our “Special Offers” page.