Rent a Website for your business, club or organisation:

Rent a website is a new concept for SME’s where you can rent at a low cost rather than purchase a website outright.

Rent-A- Website can be Canceled at anytime

You can chose to cancel at anytime. Simply by cancel your monthly payment.

Rental Cost:

The cost to you for rental of a website are as follows:
  • 100 Euro deposit
  • 50 euro per month thereafter

What you get!

Most noteably you will receive the following all inclusive package:
  • Free domain name
  • Free website C-Panel hosting account
  • WordPress website
  • Regular updates of WordPress Themes, Plugins and Translations
  • Page Population ( content added)
  • Customisation of website
  • Built in SEO

Extra Services

In addition optional extra services and charges are as follows:
  1. Updating of Content. Charged at 35 Euro per hour
  2. Training to self manage website. Charged at 65 Euro per hour

Your business cannot afford to miss this opportunity to get an online presence. Contact us for more details